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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Literacy Anchor Chart Linky

Hi friends!  I thought it would be fun to put together a group of Anchor Charts for Literacy.  If you are like me, you are always looking for a great 'hook' to use to teach your students.  Here is one that was sent to me by Susan, a 4th grade teacher in North Carolina.  Thank you, Susan, for sending this to me!
This type of chart is GREAT to us to pull together the different of a theme or idea and summarize it.  A few teachers and I were talking the other day about how our charts aren't as 'pretty' as some charts we see on Pinterest or Blogs.  Never fear!  There is a time to go back and 'publish' your charts and then there is a time when you forge ahead and go on to the next skill!  If you would like to read another post about anchor charts, just click here!

Feel free to join in on this linky!  Also, if you aren't a blogger, but you want to share your anchor charts, just email them to me and I'll be glad to share them!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wanted: Pictures of All Types of Anchor Charts and Public Records!

Wanted:  Pictures of All Types of Anchor Charts and Public Records!  

This includes procedural charts and charts for all subjects!  If you would like your chart featured on the Charts N Chit Chat, just email the picture of the chart along with your first name and the state you live in to me!  

Hint:  Pictures that are already on nice backgrounds will be featured first.  This can be done on Microsoft Word or Power Point and cropped in Microsoft Paint!  There are lots of tutorials on the web that will help you do this...just search for the program of your choice and go for it!!  I can't wait to see what you send me!  Please make sure that your chart is done neatly!

Send emails to jennh13<dot>!  

Just think....when your chart is featured on the blog, thousands of teachers will be pinning you, and using your chart to teach their students!  You have the chance to help change education in our country!  Go for it!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Anchor Charts vs. Public Records

             Do you know the difference between an anchor chart and a public record?  Bring together a room full of teachers and I am sure no two will give the same answer.  So, when my clever team mate posed the question to me I gave her my always witty southern remark of “Well duh of course I do”.  The truth is there is no set definition for what an anchor chart and public record actually is.  Educational resources vary upon criteria’s of each and it seems examples never seem to look the same.  As one gets into researching both it becomes a swirl of confusion and so overwhelming most give up the effort.  In simple but direct terms my definition for both is an anchor chart is teacher created and a public record is student created.   I decided to tackle both this year head on after a 4 day training of Best Practices in Math provided by our school system.  In order to give myself a starting point I came up with key factors each should have. 

            Anchor Charts:
·       Teacher Created
·       Students can add to one
·       Must highlight key points only
·       DON’T make is busy try to be clutter free
·       Make them student  friendly
·       Remember they are used as tools so display in an easily accessible way

Anchor charts are a great teaching tool for students and are part of the learning process.  However, they can sometimes become more of a distraction if they are busy, contain too much fluff, and cannot be used easily.  To avoid making it busy I use dark colors to address key ideas and light colors as an accent piece, this helps students differentiate between each.   Lose the fluff!  Anchor charts should only highlight key teaching points, especially in lower grades.  Provide pictures or drawings if the vocabulary is a struggle for students so that they can make connections between the word and picture.  Last, make sure the anchor charts are easily accessible.  Once an anchor chart is completed I hang it on my front board and it will stay there for the remainder of the nine week period.  At the end of nine week period I take pictures of each chart and place them in a Math Anchor Charts binder.   Inside the binder each topic is broken into dividers (i.e. Addition, Subtraction, Numbers, Money, and Clocks).  Just because you have moved onto a new topic does not mean that the old chart is not needed. 

Public Records:
·       Student Created
·       Displays students mastery of a skill
·       Try to make connections with several skills
·       Remember to teach them “how” to make one
·       Praise, Praise, Praise, and Praise their effort no matter how big or small!

Public records have become a regular for my classroom during assessments. Instead of students simply taking a test a public record gives them the opportunity to actually show mastery of the skill (And honestly they are very excited to make their own poster).  With my students public records I focused mainly on Best Practices strategies by using the four square mats/posters.  In each of the four boxes a student or students had to complete a different skill using one given problem.  The student below was given the number sentence 23 – 9 and was told to create a word problem, write the number sentence, show it in a picture, and show how to regroup.  Although she was given one problem I managed to asses her on several different skills.  Another example is using it with one given number by showing it in longs/cubes, expanded form, place value house, and odd/even.  After using them quite a bit students would expect them and ask to do them more then I required!  Ownership is by far the best attribute for a 2nd grader to have!  Now, I by no means think that my definition, examples, or opinions are how anchor charts and public records must be done.  However a teacher wants to do them is fine as long as it is used a successful tool.  

Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown is my partner in crime....the 'other' part of my brain and my 2nd grade teammate.  She is currently working on her Master's degree at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Celebrating 1 Year of Blogging! Freebies and Surprise!

Bear with me until you get past my nostalgia...and then you'll see the good stuff!!

It has been one whole year since I started blogging and putting some effort into selling on Teachers Pay Teachers.  The blogging has been so much fun because I have 'met' so many other wonderful teachers from across the country.  These teachers motivate me, teach me, help me, bring out the creative side of me, and make me want to become a better teacher.  I love working with these ladies < and a couple of gents!!> as we help support each other in our endeavors.  There is a true network of teachers working together to make teaching easier and education is 'All for one, and one for all."

I learned that Facebook is a wonderful place to 'hang out' and meet other teachers.  I have had wonderful discussions with teachers in Australia, France, and Canada....and frankly, that would never have happened had I not discovered Teachers Pay Teachers.

I have learned that I love to create lessons and centers because I am no longer limited to colored index cards, a marker, and some pre-made teachery-something that I have to choose that really doesn't fit what I want to work with.  Throughout this year I learned how to work with graphics and even created the blog banner that you see up above!  I was not alone as I delved into the 2nd Grade Common Core, learned more about turning anchor charts into art, and some of my blogging friends gave me oodles of ideas for back to school classroom decorations!  It's almost like your local teachers union....only it is a teachers reunion every time we 'talk' on the computer!!

Pssstt....the good stuff starts about right here!!

The money I have earned has helped my family immensely.  I haven't earned all that much, but what has been earned has helped my immediate family, my mother, and my sister and her family.  It has been a true blessing and a gift not only from God, but from other teachers.  If you think that you would like to be a part of the same blessings, feel free to click HERE and become a part of the network.  You will be amazed as to what you learn!  And, I would personally be glad to help you however I can, so you won't have to go it alone!

I want you to celebrate with me, so I am setting up my latest packet of question posters and sort cards <all 63 pages of them> to be free this weekend.  You can find them by clicking Here.  It has a value of $15.75, but I was trying to sell it at somewhere near $11 because so many teachers receive no extra monies from their school and have to pay out of their pockets.  So, enjoy this freebie for a couple of days!

Also, because I know everyone's budget is tight, and frankly, just because I like cheap stuff, AND BECAUSE I AM CELEBRATING THE HECK OUT OF THIS THING, I am going to have a sale!  

So, go now, look at things, download the questions file, click on FOLLOW ME and take the day off, courtesy of me!!!

Remember....please follow my blog while you are here!


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