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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Daily 5 Book Study: Chapter 6

First of all, what a great bunch of information!

Intensive work (and play) in writing and word study also supports reading development (pg. 79 on Kindle version.)

From the book:  Thoughts on Writing

*Writing is always developmentally appropriate because each student is working at the best of his or her ability.

*Model in writing first!  Bring in a strategy and then have students work on their stamina in writing.  Students should be able to write for at least a 30 minute blog of time when stamina is built to its fullest!

*Brainstorm with your students to make a list of behaviors that would be essential for good stamina!  Start with 3 minutes of stamina and then call the group together to talk about what happened within the group.

*Help students find those 'just right' places to sit to do their writing.

From the book:  Thoughts on Word Work

*Work on:  high frequency words, word patterns, vocabulary through unique words.  Remember that Daily 5 doesn't tell you WHAT to teach or HOW to teach it....if it is a framework for the WAY TO PRACTICE the skill or strategy. and USE THE MATERIALS that are provided

*Again, find those 'just right' places to work on around the room.  <Note from Jenn:  I recommend finding different places for each aspect of the Daily 5....don't sit in the same place all the time!! When I did Daily 5 when I taught 4th grade, we mapped out where we were going to sit and I provided that for my substitute.  This past year I had students find their 'just right' place to take tests to reduce cheating and it worked great, too!>

*Brainstorm possible materials to use.

*Brainstorm behaviors that are expected.

*Model how to up materials responsibly

*Have a word study notebook for students to work in so that you can chart new ideas, new concepts, and growth!

I have a lot of fun teaching Word Work so I am going to share as many open ended Working With Words tips and websites as I can think goes!!

1.  Build, Mix, Fix <use magnetic letters>
2.  Syllable Sorters
3.  Word sorts--speed sorts, picture sorts, etc.
4.  Bendaroos/Wikki Sticks
5.  Building Blocks
6.  Activity Cards
8.  Paper chains <write a spelling word on each link>
9.  Adding machine many words can you write...who has the longest spelling tape?
10.  The word ___________ reminds me of ________ because...
11.  Make your own matching game
12.  Foam letters
13.  Find-a-word  <use books to find spelling words like in a word hunt>
14.  Playdoh
15.  Stencils
16.  Ransom <cut out magazine letters to  make the words>
17.  Hangman
18.  Wheel of Fortune
19.  Word Plays
20.  Trace magnetic letters and decorate a word poster

Hope this helps!


  1. Great post. Thanks for all the ideas for word work! I will definitely be keeping it handy next year!

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

    1. You are welcome. I hope they will help you!

  2. Thanks for hosting this chapter! You pulled out a lot of key points to remember!

    1. Hope it helps!! Are you just starting Daily 5?

  3. Thanks so much for hosting AND posting all those great ideas. I'm new to the Daily 5 and super excited to collect those fun word work ideas.

  4. I am so glad that I found your Book Study. The Book Study that I was a part of kind of stopped. Not sure why!! So I hope you don't mind if I link up with your group of bloggers. You had some great word work ideas that I had not thought of. Thanks for sharing. I am a new follower and a new blogger. Come over and visit my small blog if you would like.

    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis

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