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Friday, April 20, 2012

Are you a Pinterest junkie???

One of my joys in life is 'pinning'.  We all know that it is a great way to gain new information and new ideas.  I have pinned over 1,000 pins on my educational boards.  I am just wondering when I will actually get to go back and read or investigate all of my wonderful finds.  It is almost like being a yard sale addict and finding all of these great sales and buying all sorts of things that you just KNOW that you will use later or you can give them Sister Suzy, Brother Bob, or Cousin Cletus.   But, it is FUN.  Sort of like being on a scavenger hunt. Or, maybe a snipe hunt.

So, anyway I thought I would share my great finds with you in the hopes that you can find THE VERY thing that you need to revamp, be more successful, or stay out of your administrator's office!

Keep on reading and you will find some awesome finds.  Just click on the buttons and off you will go!

For Blogs

For Science Resources

For Freebies

Picture Books I Love to Teach With

Classroom Organization

For this board, I need some help.  So if you find a great hallway display, leave me the link!!



  1. Hi Jenn. I found you from pinterest. Thought I'd send you my way . I have created 285 pin boards and I'm almost at 13,000 pins most of them having to do with education. Have fun pinning. :)


  2. I love your boards!! So organized!


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