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Friday, July 6, 2012

Wisdom and Freebies...They Go Together, Don't You Think?

I wanted to let you know about several ways that may help you find the freebies of your dreams!  

One of the best sites on the web!!

A group of bloggers/ TpT Sellers that work together to bring freebies to you!  Come join us!


The LARGEST Blogger/TpT Seller Group on Facebook made up of almost 200 of your favorite bloggers!  Come join up!

I decided to join up with Fabulously First and give out some of my wisdom.  I am going to have to dig deep here!!!

This was my first answer:

But, I was told that this was too short.  But, hey, it has a subject and verb, all of the necessary requirements for a sentence!

So...I went on to better advice:

And, that's all!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Vacation

While my summer vacation actually started at noon on May 22, I started counting the start of my vacation as of May 18 at 3:20 when my group of second graders walked down the hallway to get into their car or on their bus. So, that has left me pondering.....what will I do this summer??

1.  Go to a workshop for 'Words Their Way' in June.
2.  Go to my niece's dance recital.
3.  Go to a reading and writing workshop towards the end of June.
4.  Finish my reading unit.
5.  Spend as much time with my kids as possible.
6.  Eat out as much as possible!
7.  Get new windows put in.
8.  SLEEP!
9.  Plan a vacation....I better get on it!
10.  Organize all of the files on my computer and make a few games!

Also, along with this, I want to give you a freebie or 2 along the way that you can use in your classroom.
Speaking of which, here is a fluency game that my kids love called Read It, To Believe It!  It is an easy center to make and plan and infect, you can make around 7 different centers out of this one file!!  Hope it can work for you!  Sorry there is no thumbnail.  Microsoft Word wouldn't work with me!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top 10 reasons to follow me....everywhere!!!

My friend HoJo is hosting a linky party for Facebook so I thought I would jump in and help her fill up her page!

Anyway, here are my Top 10 reasons that you should follow me on Facebook:

1.  I love 'meeting' people and hearing about current trends in education in YOUR neck of the woods.

2.  I would love to have 'real live' discussions on my facebook page....sort of like a 'chat'.  What do you think?  Is it doable?  Want to help me get it started?

3.  I try to share really good links, literature, and other's not all about me.  It's about YOU.

4.  You would get updates on my blog posts and new additions to my TpT store.  By the way, feel free to stop by my store and follow me there, too!

5.  I want to learn from YOU.  I'm sure you know more about education than I do!

6.  You'll get to hear about updates and posts on my freebie pages!  We're 1 month old!  Also, if you are familiar with blogging, you are welcome to join up and contribute...just click on the contributors link!

7.  It is a great way to make friends <in a virtual way!>.  I have 'met' several teachers that I talk to on Facebook either weekly or daily....they give me great ideas and listen to my ideas, too!

8.  I incorporate a lot of different teaching styles into my Facebook page.  You won't JUST hear about Fountas and Pinnell or CAFE--you'll hear about a lot of different educational leaders through the posting of articles or comments made by others.

9.  I share posts from other bloggers so that you can hear about their freebies, give aways, and ideas.  We're all in this together because we all have a common cause:  teaching our students.

10.  Last, but not least, I am working hard to create a 'community' of teachers with common goals....seeking best practices in all that they do.  Come and help me!  I'd love to answer your questions, help you find activities or new ideas....and there are others that would like to do the same!  Come on over!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Link Up! Think It Up!

OK...we are heading into the part of the year where the kids...and teachers!!...get SPRING FEVER!!!  So, I wanted to do something that we could all get a chuckle from!!

I've held off having a linky party because there are so many right now...but, I've caught the bug and I just can't wait any longer!!  I can't wait to see what ideas everyone comes up with!

The theme for this Linky Party is:  If you could invent something FANTASTICALLY WONDERFUL that would help teachers everywhere, what would it be?

Here's what you need to do...
1.  Copy the graphic above!
2.  Add your 'twist' on your blog.
3.  Link back to this post!

I can't wait to go and visit everyone and see what you want to invent!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

3 Linky Parties and an Easter Freebie--Math Puzzle

My friends Brian at Hopkin's Hopping Blog  and Robin and Little Blogfish is having an Easter Linky Party.  I didn't have anything for Easter or Spring, so I spent a little time this Sunday Morning (not feeling well so I didn't go to church) to throw this little math facts puzzle activity together.  I hope you enjoy it!  I have also linked up with my friend Jeannie at Kindergarten Lifestyle since she has a K-2 linking party going on!  I am linking up everywhere!!!  But, go check her out!

Go check out Brian's Linky Party!!

Go check out Robin's Linky Party!! 

Go check out Jeannie's Linky Party!!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

2nd Grade Common Core Exemplar Texts

If you are like me, you don't have a lot of time, so every bit of your time counts.  I have been researching and trying to figure out what the Common Core Tests are for 2nd grade and finally found a list.  I was checking them out on Amazon when it occurred to me that you, out their in reading land, are probably in the same predicament.  You are torn between spending time researching, learning, making activities, etc. and spending time with your husband or wife and kids.  These days, there is more work than every to take home and all sort of reports that have to be turned in by their deadline.  So, I thought I would just include the links that I used to purchase my Common Core Texts and Teaching Resources for you here in one spot.

First up, we have the beloved Charlotte's Web, which at my school, has traditionally been a 3rd grade text to read aloud.  I also went ahead and ordered the video so that we could compare the book to a movie.  Don't forget there is also the movie with Dakota Fanning in it.  I am on the hunt for a place to purchase this, but haven't found it yet!

Next up is The Stories Julian Tells.  I can't find this book at any of the online bookstores, but did stumble upon a teacher's guide for it.  If you click on the link of the book below, you can go there to get the teacher's helper.  If you find out where you can order this book, please let me know!

Then, we have My Father's Dragon.  This is a book that I am not at all familiar with, but look forward to getting my order in so that I can read it.  The cover looks fascinating!

We also have A Drop of Water which looked like, to me at least, a great book to use during water cycles, but it also looked very technical.  I'm not sure what to think about this one!

The Story of Ruby Bridges has always been a favorite of mine.  I usually use it with biographies and the kids love it.  I usually have 2-3 kids research her story each year because they love the ending.  There is also a Disney movie about Ruby that is really good.  I included its link here also.

 I was also happy to see this book, From Seed to Plant on the list.  I love any book by Gail Gibbons.  You can be gauranteed that this book will be colorful and informative.  There is a teacher's helper also that you can get to help with planning!

It is safe to say that I will have a huge box coming from Amazon soon!!  But, I figure it will be a good investment.  After all, I am investing in children's lives!  I hope that this post helps you shop swiftly, cheaply, and thoroughly!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Great Day, Performed a Play, and a Linky Par-tay!

I have to tell you, this was probably one of the best days my class and I have had all year.  Today, we performed our class play which was a spin off of P.D. Eastman's Are You My Mother.  When others heard that I was creating a play around the book, they kept telling me how much they loved the book.  I kept telling them that they weren't going to recognize it because it was so distorted.  I mean, I have 21 kids that have to be in this play.  I don't care leave any out!

I won't go into a summary of the book, because you can probably find it in any school library.  But, I will tell you a nasty little secret about our version of the play.  You see....well....the baby bird was the product of an illicit affair between a flamingo and some other unnamed bird which resulted in a parrot with a yellow body.  Actually, those were the only 2 bird masks I had in my stash of 'stuff'.  But, it made for a good story when I had the attention of a bunch of my co-workers!!

We had the typical kitten, a dog, and a cow....but we also had a moose, 2 ferocious grizzly bears, a bunny rabbit, a frog, a raccoon, a pig, 3 chickens, a duck, and a sundry of other animals.  I had a great time ad-libbing in all of the animals as I narrated.

I also want to share about some of my new friends.  I am so thankful for them.  Many of them are contributors to the Best Practices 4 Teaching Freebies Pages and each of them already, or are beginning to, play an important part in my life.  There is Brian who is always so positive.  Also, Yvonne (who lives way across the world!) and Michelle are very dear to me because they help keep the Freebie Pages going and love it as much as I do.  Because of their dedication, we haven't run out of freebies yet!  And then there is my friend Leanne who is forever cracking me up with her incite and stories.  In the blogging world, it pays to have friends far and wide as those of us that create activities and centers always need proofreaders, advice, and support.  I didn't realize how valuable bloggers are to each other until a few months ago when I was disconnected from several of my blogger friends.  So, to Brian, Yvonne, Michelle, and Leanne, thank you so much for being my friends!

Speaking of Michelle, she is a having a linky party over at Teach123 and has asked me to join up.  I'm not one to let a linky party pass by, so of course I joined up to provide some teaching advice.  Those of you who know me, know I am full of advice (opinions!!) so I felt like I was obligated to help out!  So, be sure that you go and visit her linky party!!!

Here is the advice I am giving to the new teachers out there:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another Linky Party! I love these!

Hey Friends!

 Jeannie over at Kindergarten Lifestyle is hosting a linky party that is just too funny! I know I am breaking blogging rules by publishing 2 posts in one day, but I just couldn't sit on this one!

There have been several times when my husband has told me, "Quit looking at that kid like he's your student" or "It is Saturday.  You ARE NOT a teacher today."  But, I can't help it!  It is in my blood (literally...a lot of my family are or have been teachers--I even have my great-grandmother's teaching certificate from New Hampshire when she taught in the late 1800's!).

So...enjoy this little stab at being funny.  My husband has already told me that he doesn't even understand why 'we' are doing apparently this will only amuse teachers!  Oh Well!  Enjoy!

Have a great week!

Monday, January 23, 2012

You're Under Arrest!

And they have the right to remain silent!!!  There is a saying in my room that goes like, "You better get that desk cleaned up before the Desk Po Po come and arrest you!"  My kids have some sense of humor!  Check out the desk citations (which they compare to a ticket!) that I use in my classroom.  Students know that when they get these, that they had better hurry up and get their desk cleaned before I tell them to move their pin (we use a color system with clothespins for behavior).  My students really respond to these because they know that I am getting ready to write a note in their agenda about their desk.

Here is the link!

Thanks for coming by!  Oh!  Don't forget to go and visit my friend Loraine over at Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies!  She is having a Linky Party!!  Good Luck, Lorraine!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Linky Party at Oh Boy 4th Grade

I just joined a new linky party!  I love those because you always get to do something special and meaningful.  This time, I get to put up a little poster that tells a little about me.  And, you know that I like me.  I had my own Like button, I would have already pushed it! is something special and meaningful.  Now....go by Oh Boy 4th Grade and check out the linky part!

Remember....please follow my blog while you are here!


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