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Monday, June 11, 2012

Daggum Duct Tape and Kindness

I did it.  I took the plunge.  I bought some of that neat and nifty, really cool duct tape.  I thought 'what the hey' and bought one of everything. I have a roll with peace symbols <my current fave!!>, cheetah print <my son's current fave, which sort of worries me>, butterfly printed <my daughter's fave>, and I even bought one of the rolls below.  I have no idea what I plan to do with it.  I bought it as a tribute to Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade.

I mustache her if she has seen this type of duct tape.  I have to confess that it sort of makes me think of Pringles in a can!!

My plan is was to make enough of those cute little rose pens for my faculty and my parents for registration day.  The cute little duct tape roses looked easy enough.  I am 'somewhat' crafty, so I figured working with duct tape would be a breeze.  But, I learned 2 things:

                          1.  Duct tape can be your friend.
                          2.  Duct tape can be your enemy.

Take a look at this pic and you decide.  Friend or enemy?  It looks like a whop-sided orange pine cone.  I guess there is always tomorrow.  MAYBE.

But, some good did come out of it.  My Little Bitty sure can measure 2 inches of duct tape.  And, we had a great time talking while we made our rose pen.  My oldest left us before I even made the first 2 petals.  She said she 'wasn't in to measuring, Muth-ar'.  Geez Louise!  At least I have one with some 'stick-to-it-ive-ness'!!!


Today I had some time to reflect about the school year  (I seem to do that more and more often these days) while racing down the Interstate to do some errands. I've worked in 3 different schools. Two of them were definitely classified as inner-city and my current school fits that description more and more each year.  But, I found myself wondering, other than socio-economic status, what sets my current school apart from the others?  

I started thinking about how the days in each school started and ended.  I can definitely say that I have grown in classroom management, so how I solve problems in respect to students now has definitely changed.  At the school I teach in now, though, there seems to be more of a sense of community....the students seem to have more respect for each other.  That is, until they get to 5th grade and then they all seem to go bananas!!!  I thought and thought and thought and I think I have it figured out!  So...I decided to share my little secret with you......

This is the Pledge of Kindness that our whole school recites every morning.  I'm not sure who wrote it or where it came from, but I really believe that this is the key to keeping my second graders under control.  I've even heard them quote it back to each other when there is a problem!!  If any of you are familiar with this or something similar, I would love to hear about your success or lack of it.  Maybe we can problem solve together!  Don't forget to click on the pic and download it. 

 I am now officially praying that I did that Google Doc thing the right way!!  I don't have much luck with those! Wish you luck with your download!  If it doesn't work, don't come looking for me!!  Call 1-800-Google!  I bet they have a complaint line.  Just don't hang up before someone answers!

But, anyway, Enjoy!!

Remember....please follow my blog while you are here!


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