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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to School in Second Grade Day 10

Well, we are off to a rip-roaring and populated second grade year.  Must have been something in the water!  There is a possibility that we will get a new teacher--we are still waiting...and growing older....Stay tuned!

We have been using a great back to school packet by The Bubble Blond Teacher that the kids are loving.  It is great to use right now because I am so busy doing Back to School assessments.

Click here to buy it!

This is what I am using to do some of my assessing with.  It is FULL of different types of assessments so I anticipate using it all year.

Our focus right now is Problem Solving on your OWN!

Not that I want to start with the negative, but this may come in handy for you.  These two were pushing and shoving in the line...they were at the end, mind you....and could not work out their issue by themselves.  So, in my room, if you can't work together as friends, I will FORCE you to become friends!  These two spent about 15 minutes holding hands while trying to work together, getting water, and cleaning up.  Needless to say, at the end of that 15 minutes they were fast friends and ready to be rid of each other.  I haven't had any more pushing and shoving either!!  The wonderful thing about it---no parent can be mad at me for doing something ridiculous.  At least not too ridiculous.

Right now our second grade classrooms are departmentalized.  I teach half a day's worth of literacy to two different blocks of students.  My partner teaches all of the math.  Because of our enrollment, we may be adding a third teacher and if we do, we will all be teaching every subject.  So, I am really interested in looking at this book.  From what I read, the curriculum spirals.  So...anticipating that I may need to problem solve on my own, I am looking ahead!

We have already had a case of lice this year and hopefully it is the last!  I am trying to figure out if I am brave enough to buy this new book from David Shannon of No, David! and David Goes To School fame.  My kids have read both of these books until the pages are falling a part, so it is time for me to re-order them.  

Available on August 27, 2013

Again, I am trying to problem solve on my own, so I am using Lice Logic hairspray.  The scent keeps the critters away! Again, I am problem solving!

  Oh!!  Remember that I am looking for pictures of anchor charts!  Feel free to email them to me at jennh13 <dot>  Include your name and state for posting!  For those of you that have sent me charts, I will begin posting them soon, so be on the look out!  I can't wait for you to be pinned!!!

More later!

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