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Monday, June 4, 2012

Ever played Scoot?

Scoot was the favorite game of my class this past year.  I did not have a big enough 'supply' (i.e. enough variety)  to keep playing it.  So, I began making scoot games for just about anything.  Kudos to Denise at Sunny Days for her Scoot Games!  Her stash got me going until I ran out!!!

If you have never played Scoot, you are missing out!  Here is how it is played:

1.  Put a Scoot card on each table.  I usually don't put numbers on Scoot cards when I make them, because lots of times they want to play the game again and I have had kids that memorized the order of the first 4 or so. After your cards are laminated, you can write a number on the corner of each card.  The number can be erased so that it can have a different number the next time it is played.  (Some people like them numbered...I'm one of them!)

I have had requests for some Scoot games to be numbered, so you might find that your pack is already numbered!

2.  Students start with the card that is front of them.  Let's say that Joe is sitting with the #4 card.  He will move to the #5 card next, and then on to the 6th and so on.

3.  Every time we play, I try to use a different signal to tell them to move to their next card.  Sometimes I blow a whistle, sometimes I ring a bell, one time I even used a kazoo-type noise maker.  It just makes it more exciting!

4.  It is important that you practice the direction that the students move in.  I did not do that the first time I played it and it was utter chaos and we had to start over.  I just figured they could look to see what number was next and go there, but it didn't happen!

5. Play the game.  Students will write their answers on an answer sheet or another sheet of paper.  After the students have rotated and are back in their usual seat, have a student take up the cards.  Another student will need to pick up the answers from the other students.

6.  Now...this is the beautiful part.  You not that really bright child that gets finished early all the time?  That student will take all of the cards and write the answers down to make an answer key.  Have two that are early finishers?  Have that child help 'make the key'.  They love it!!!

7.  Later in the day, you can use the answer key that was made by your star students to grade and go over the answers with your students.  I don't always grade the Scoot answers, I use it to check off master and non-mastery of a specific skill.

8.  After you are done with the cards for that game, have a student rub off the vis a vis marks.  Wallah!  You can mix the cards up and play a totally 'new' version of the game!!

So, if you are interested in playing scoot, give it a try.  There are several Scoot games in my store at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Here are a few that you can click on to see what they look like.


  1. Love this! Love your site! Come visit us at primary possibilities for freebies. We are your newest follower.

  2. My class loves to play scoot! Love all the versions you have created! I am now a follower! I teach 2nd grade in a small town in the North Georgia mountains! Glad I found you!


    2nd Grade Pig Pen

  3. Now I finally know how to play Scoot. Great explanation of how to play.
    LMN Tree

  4. Thanks to all of you! Arlene, I'm glad you got to read this!

    Primary Possibilities! I'm excited you dropped by! I will definitely look you up here in a minute.

    Teresa, I probably live very close to you since I am in Hamilton County.

    What kind of scoot games would be valuable? Right now I am working on Noun or Verb Scoots...but wonder which ones are really needed. Give me some feedback!! My plan is to dip into some 'higher level' scoots along the way, too. Let me know what is needed!!

  5. Games are such a great way to reach reluctant students. Love it!

  6. This looks neat can't wait to try it out.


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