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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Consonants and Vowels

Hope all is well in your world.  I wanted to share this vowel/consonant activity that we are doing in my class this week.  I started out having the kids copy it down on paper folded into rectangles, but my kids write so big that I decided to switch to this cute little form.

I plan to follow it up by having my kids cut out the different sections and glue them into booklets. They will finish up the booklet by drawing their friends on the different pages.  I think it will turn out cute.  I got the idea from the CCSS vocabulary that we are supposed to teach.  According to my school's support teacher, the kids should be familiar with the 'teacher' vocabulary so that they understand what we are referring this case they should be familiar with the definition for 'consonant' and 'vowel'.  I use these posters to help document my teaching--it is a good reminder for the class as a whole, too!  

I have prepared sets for different grade levels!  Take a look! In case you are wondering, I got the vocabulary from  Just click on the pic to go check out the vocabulary posters.

Hope you can use them!  Have a good day!

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